Trading Signals and Trade Ideas from Professional Analysts

The Markets

We Analyse These Indices:

UK & EUROPEAN – UK100, GER30, FRA40, ASX200, SA40

US – DOW30, TECH100, US500

APAC – ASX200, HS50, CHN50, NIK225

We Analyse These Currencies:



We Analyse These Commodities:

ENERGY & METALS – US Crude Oil, Gold, Silver, Copper

CRYPTOS – Bitcoin



We measure our trading performance using ‘R’ as we feel this is an honest and fair way of displaying our returns. You can get a clear picture of how we are performing and compare us to other analysis sites.

Our performance figures refer to past trading performance of our signals. Past performance is not a reliable indicator of future performance. Financial education is a better indicator of individual trader performance.

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More About ‘R’

Performance Report

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How to Trade

Intraday Trading Ideas

Buy or Sell trade ideas are published daily prior to the European market open, with a specified trigger level, 2 target levels, a stop loss level and an analyst confidence level.

If stop or target levels are not reached then the traded price at 21:00hrs (UK time), or in the case of Asian/Pacific ideas 16:00 hrs (UK time) the following day, will be used as a closing level for performance analysis. Prices may differ compared to your own online broker or brokerage account.

All our trading is based on Technical Analysis principles though many of the techniques we use were developed in house and form part of a bespoke online indicator.

We publish our performance to allow for comparison to Autochartist and Trading Central.

Short-Term Trading Ideas and MT4 Financial Signals

For the short-term trader, Signal Centre publish trade ideas that have a longer projected time scale.

These reports are sent directly by email, or through MT4, with a specified trigger level, 2 target levels, a stop loss level and an analyst confidence level. Although a target and stop loss level are published in the idea, these can be adjusted as directed in live updates.

The performance report is based on the opening level and either the stop, 1st target or closing price.

Although a target and stop loss level are published in the idea, these can be adjusted as directed in live updates.

For performance purposes, profit is calculated to the 1st target only.

The Team

Joe Neighbour

Chief Investment Officer

Joe started his career in financial services with HSBC at 18 years old before moving into broking arena at several small to medium-size firms.

It was here that Joe gained vast experience in dealing with high net worth individuals and providing wealth solutions.
Joe began to develop a passion for technical analysis and this desire to learn more about markets sent him down a path of trading. Joe became involved in trading markets just before the 2008 financial crisis and had to quickly adapt to some very challenging conditions.

Joe is a Member of the Society of Technical Analysis (MSTA) and Chartered Fellow (CISI). He has 15+ years’ experience in financial markets across a variety of roles including broking, portfolio managing, and analysis.

Signal Centre’s specialist in single stocks and cryptocurrencies.



Steve O’Hare

Chief Operating Officer

Steve’s trading career has spanned over 30 years’ starting on the Baltic Exchange trading commodities before moving on to LIFFE and the financial markets.

He has experienced & traded some of the most volatile periods as the open outcry floors were replaced by the screen-based environments of the modern age.

His expertise and knowledge in trading and technical analysis were instrumental in the management buyout of PIA First in 2013.

He was awarded a distinction by the Society of Technical Analysts qualification and holds a certificate in Global Financial Compliance with the Chartered Institute for Securities & Investments.

Signal Centre’s specialist in commodities & equity indices.

Our History

Trading Signals

We were founded in 2007 as an independent research firm to serve professional clients’ central need for trading signals. The focus was providing solid technical based trade ideas to Fund managers, hedge funds and central banks. The company diversified into investment management in 2012 and out of this PIA-First (Signal Centre) was created to continue the analytic research. After a management buy-out in 2013, we expanded our reach into the trading platform arena and the growth continued.

Over the years, Signal Centre has been recognised amongst its peers as a leading provider of technical analysis-based trade idea provision with numerous awards and accomplishments. In 2015 a multi-lingual CMS system was designed and developed to further enhance the global reach.